Would you like to expand your potiential for sensual and sexual pleasure and discover the 15 minute orgasm? 

SEP1 copyDid you know that each of us has an infinite potential for pleasurable sensual sensation. You can learn to feel more sexual pleasure in your body than most people ever dream possible. You can also learn to create equal sensation in someone else’s body! In the Sensuality Expansion Program you will master having and bringing another person to unparalleled heights of sexual pleasure by studying the 15 minute orgasm.

This is Erwan Davon’s highest-level advanced program and is the fulfillment of the relationship curriculum he has been teaching for almost 20 years. In the program, he and Alicia train singles and couples to expand their abilities to give and receive sexual pleasure to unparalleled heights. Women are trained to feel and acknowledge orgasmic sensation far beyond where they entered the course. Men are instructed in controlling a woman’s nervous system to produce optimal sensation. Upon graduating, participants are able to produce and sustain a 15 minute orgasm in their or another person’s body.

The truth about male and female orgasm: what is it and how to create 15 minute orgasm at willIn the Sensuality Expansion Program, you will benefit from Erwan and Alicia’s 27 combined years of sensual research and training by learning:

  • For women, how to surrender completely and still get exactly what you want
  • For men, how to be completely gratified by a woman’s pleasure and give her exactly what she wants sexually
  • The optimal technique for creating and having orgasm, and the way to extend orgasm to 15 minutes or longer.

Copy of SensualityExpansionProgram copyCouples consistently report that what they learned in the Sensuality Expansion Program brought their sex lives together far beyond where it had been previously. Singles report gaining the abilities and confidence that is necessary to be great lovers. With these skills relationships can grow sensually instead of peaking early in the “honeymoon” period.

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The Sensuality Expansion Program is a retreat style format, taking place in a beautiful natural setting. This allows for in-depth study and sensual research to go uninterrupted for 10 days. Rarely is sensuality given this type of time and attention, and the results are truly mind blowing.

“The Sensuality Expansion Program completely changed the way I relate to my life, to women, and to sex.  I’ve learned and continue to learn to have relationships with women that are joyful and fun and that fuel me throughout the rest of my life!” – Alex Shoykhet, Senior Software Engineer

“In the Sensuality Expansion Program, I realized that there is no limit to the amount of pleasure I can feel sexually.  Now, two years later, my sex life is better than it ever has been, and is still getting better!” – Mae Wallingford, Interior Designer

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