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PC IMGP3466 copyEach of us has a personal relationship blueprint buried deep in our unconscious mind. Left undistinguished, this blueprint can determine the course of your love life. Most people report facing significant relationship problems, whether they are on the first date, in a new relationship, or married, and yet they don’t know why. Therefore, they don’t know how to overcome these relationship problems. Unfortunately, most are going to carry their current relationship blueprint forever unless they identify and change it.

That’s exactly what Erwan and his wife Alicia are going to do for you at the Pleasure Course. The Pleasure Course has changed the lives of thousands of singles and couples over the last 17 years. And it will change your life too.

PC EDT-main-pic-edited copyIn just 3 days Erwan and Alicia will help you:

  • Identify your unconscious conditioning about relationships, the key to personal growth in romance
  • Understand which parts of your relationship blueprint are programmed for exhilarating romance and pleasure and which for mediocre levels of intimacy and connection 
  • Master the skills necessary for each of the three stages of romantic relationship
  • Recognize how you can reach your full potential for sexual pleasure

In the first day of the Pleasure Course you will discover your relationship blueprint and how to shift it. This personal growth is truly transformative because you discover how human beings work, how patterns drive us and how we can reset our course. Beyond patterns, the true source of happiness is revealed bringing you a profound sense of enjoyment regardless of circumstance. On this first day of the course you are going to access this crucial starting point for extraordinary relationships.

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“In the pleasure course I learned to feel right about my turn on. I can now communicate to men what I want in a way that leaves them empowered and excited to fulfill my request!” – Elisabeth Harris Massage Therapist

PC DSC_5255 copyIn the second day of the Pleasure Course Erwan and Alicia uncover the 3 stages of romantic relationship and skills associated with each.You will gain access to new skills that you can use and discover abilities you didn’t know you had. You may have a skill in one stage of relationship (for example on the first date), but you need all of the skills associated with each stage of relationship in order to find love at the highest level. The skills must be built upon and combined, otherwise relationships eventually dry out. In the Pleasure Course you will learn exactly what works at each stage and what doesn’t!

“I introduced my boyfriend to this work and he is now in an advanced program with me…because of Erwan Davon’s coaching I have yet to experience a more honest, raw, and vulnerable relationship with a man.” – Destinee J., Senior Account Manager

Join us in this extraordinary course where you will reset your relationship blueprint, develop the skills necessary for each stage of romance, and create an exceptional sex life. As a result, an exhilarating love life will be automatic and natural for you!Everyone is interested in sex and sensuality, but this crucial area of life is rarely discussed or studied with real sophistication. On the third day of the Pleasure Course, Erwan Davon will demystifyeverything you need to know to have an exceptional sex life that gets better and better. You will learn how to be more vital and turned on in relationship, the exact signs of male and female orgasm, where chemistry comes from, how to enhance male or female libido, how to seduce someone, and much more.

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