Would you like advanced training in your love & sex life?

Most people don’t get the kind of support and knowledge required to build and maintain the kind of healthy relationship to which they aspire. The little bit of information people know has been gathered from various random sources.

OLLMR copyThe Oracle of life and love is an ongoing relationship coaching structure available to Pleasure Course graduates. In it, you will receive personal relationship coaching from Erwan and Alicia in exactly the stage of romance you are at (from the first date to a new relationship all the way to marriage), whether you are in a relationship or not.

This is an opportunity for a committed couple to turn their romance into what Erwan calls an “Eternal Date” or for a single to learn the how to of dating and flirting. Or perhaps, you are somewhere in between, caught in a limbo of repetitive patterns both in and out of romance. Maybe your situation is fantastic and you would simply like to take your romance and sex life to the next level. The Oracle of life and love provides a place to keep growing in your love life and your relationship to life in general.

oracle IMGP4391 - Version 2 copyIn the Oracle of Life and Love, you will:

  • Get ongoing support in your romance, from dating advice to relationship advice 
  • Learn the art of seduction
  • Develop your masculine or feminine aspect into its fullest expression
  • Learn how to be approving and get what you want in any circumstance
  • Learn the skills to make any relationship sparkle with turned on sexual energy

“In the Oracle, I learned the keys to seduction. I can now have unlimited fun with the women in my life!” The Oracle of life and love provides the experiential ongoing coaching and practice required to transcend your relationship blueprint. Each session begins with the practice of “Corework”, a method Erwan created to deeply embrace your experience no matter what it is, so that you can grow from there and take in the session’s learning instead of fighting where you are at. – Jason Yee, Physical Therapist

oracle IMGP4332 - Version 2 copyTransformation and personal growth at a deep level requires not just education but a supportive environment. The group setting and regularity of the program allow everything that opens up for you in the Pleasure Course to become deeply-rooted and greatly expanded upon so that both your life and  romance fulfill your deepest desires.

Jump in and experience the personal growth, fun, and powerful support that the Oracle of life and love can provide for you!

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The Oracle takes place on Wednesdays and Thursdays
from 6:45 – 9:30pm in San Francisco

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